Thematic, Adventure, Science Fiction, Horror, Co-op

1-6 players            4 Hours 

SANCTORVM is a cooperative Sci-Fi horror game for up to 6 players. There are two ways to play Sanctorvm:

  •  Adventure Mode (2 to 6 players): This mode has a massive RPG campaign (15 sessions, minimum of 4 hours per session) with narrative and action missions. One player will play as the Overlord, while the others play as La Familia, our heroes. Develop your character, find the best weapons, and work together to survive the colony menaces as you advance in the Overlord’s plot.

  •  Mission Mode (1 to 6 players): This mode only has action missions (1 hour per mission) to play in a single session without progressing as an Overlord.

Earth, XXVI century. The Andromeda Galaxy invaded our skies for an unknown reason, threatening to alter the gravitational field of the Milky Way and completely destroy it. We built the Cooperlay’s Daughters, monstrous space colonies capable of accommodating millions of passengers...floating cities in space that would help us reach a safer destination.

Currently, Colony 401 has been lost and trapped in the darkness of space for centuries. A mysterious accident occurred sometime in the past, forcing its passengers to adapt and survive in the labyrinths of this gigantic city, creating a unique sociocultural universe in its entrails.

The players will embody La Familia, six superhumans on Colony 401, experiments of an old fanatic named Dr Rabidus. You have to overcome the challenges and trials of the abyss, survive hellish creatures born of a mysterious virus, and escape the yoke of four powerful factions. Cooperate with your friends and other allies, evolve your Homo Superbe, and overcome the narrative challenges that could decide your path and end of the story.

Welcome to Sanctorvm, or not…

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