Welcome to “THE DEPTH”, the SANCTORVM’s Board Game OST. A massive OST that will help you ambient your gaming sessions. We have selected 12 artists around the world to create exclusives tracks for the game.

  • Genres: Retrowave, Synthwave, Darksynth, and 80’s
  • Label: Sanctorvm

  • Composers: Various Artists

  • Number of Tracks: 12

We knew that there had to be more than just a board game to define the Sanctorvm project, and in this case, we chose to create an album that could evoke the atmosphere needed.

Thanks to 12 artists around the world that joined our project, we now have 12 tracks to enhance the ambience of our game sessions. It has an exclusive OST retro-wave style, mixing the sounds of the 80’s/90’s with some kind of dark background, and the final results sound amazing.

The album (THE DEPTH) itself represents a journey from the exterior of the colony, meeting the galaxy where it was lost, all the way through its guts and inner demons.

Cooperlay’s Daughter 401 might now be a living hell, but the music is great!

01 - Ferus Melek - Undying Leviathan (This name sounded amazing and also can make reference to few characters in the history)

Here begins our travel and this song gets us inside the universe with his fresh sounds and spirit of discovering. Beautiful in a world of horrors.


02 - Speed Machine - Voyager (The name is to explain who you are in this adventure)

In this case we follow any traveller that goes to the colony. A travel full of changes, discoverings and so many new things that just with one travel is not enough time to count them all. Here you are just an spectator of the infinite.

03 - Wice - Stranger Danger (You never know what’s coming)

There’s a disturbance in the air, some kind of aetheric pressure, a void smell… Do you believe in strange forces? Do you believe in magic? We didn’t at first...

04 - Kick Puncher - Last Man standing (Here we make reference to one of our nemesis in the game, Daniel Didier)

Here we have a kid left alone in dark places where tries to survive through misery, the enemies that the colony itself creates, and, of course, hunger.


05 - Turbo Knight - Cooperlay’s Daughter (This is the name of the colony itself)

We found this track strangely beautiful and couldn’t be anything else but the colony itself. It was the maximum creation of humanity, created by the greatest mind in the world as he have seen it in his greatest dreams... And now it’s lost in space.

06 - Neon City Murder - Dr. Rabidus (A name to fear. Mix the greatest minds in the world with the darkest desires and you will have this personified demon)

During the song we meet Dr. Cooperlay, the creator of the colony and architect of dreams. Then something wrong happened. Now he is just a crazy old man. A really dangerous crazy old man.


07 - Atrey - Beliefs.exe (Reference to an informatic system)

This song hides big troubles. There were some forces that sleep no more, and now they aim to the gods. Behold the Savior of the faith.


08: Donbor - Proteus (The most dangerous virus ever created)

It may just look like a bug, but go careful, once the virus is unleashed there is no escape, nor survival or rest.


09 - Herr Doktor - Escape Capsule (Looks like not everything is lost. Maybe there is a way out)

Inside this living hell there are a few ways to fly away without Charon (Caronte) pushing the boat. You may take your live and get to freedom. But it might take everything else.


10 - Occams Laser - La Familia (In spanish because is where we are from and sounds really good on "family")

In this case what we have in front is the main character's theme. The players avatars are the members of that family, and the player’s work is to keep them alive.


11 - Night Runner - New Faith (The new god is to be awaken)

It’s been long and hard. But the waiting is over, hail the new god. Hail the Angelus itself. He’s THE being.


12 - Billy Mays Band - Magnitude (All to the final party)

Finally, we get to the recreational area. And the party seems to have gone a bit wild… Looks like Virgil has something to announce.


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